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"She fucked up when she gave me some pussy"

Very True.

So why tf is me saying no such a problem?! Fuck this.

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Tumblr ……. This gross df 👎

Take the blind fold off please. Grow up.
Q: Is this the girl who I met with you? what's happening the 20th?

Wait what haha this is saharah. What are you referring tooooo

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Next up today on Soulection Radio we have @mistermcclenney stepping up. Excited to see/hear what he plays! Listen via

Yesss can i please work with him? Damn

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Saying goodbye.

It’s funny, just the other day I said “i think me and S____ are going to be friends for a long time. Then she “terminated” our friendship..
that in itself says something about what kind of person she is.

Cheers to new beginnings, August 20th



Nicki Minaj x Thomas Couture

omg yes 

Literally no one goes harder than Arabs bye